The Millennium Complex is a not-for-profit Corporation (501 (c)(3)) that seeks to
encourage Christian Saints of God via film/music, various visual media
and through education and biblical life studies.
The Millennium Complex's Live Venue Support and Productions Division is an offshoot of FIA Productions and its Artist Support section. The focus is typically on Live Plays in both large and school-level venues. Underneath the on-location support, FIA Productions also provides support via its recording and productions facility for soundtracks as well as sound effects to be employed during the live event, Typically, projects were faith-based in form and content to bring encouragement and hope to believers and their families.

Millennium Complex, Inc. Venue Productions

KCS-Squared Film and Animation
KCS-Squared Film and Animation

Adjunct Film and Stage Play Projects

KCS-Squared has collaborated with other writers and producers in their Stage Play Projects. The collaborations included music production and studio recording as well as sound reinforcement for the live stage production.

Who Cares (The Stage Play)

KCS-Squared worked with Sherrell Anderson on her hit play "Who Cares". In addition to sound reinforcement, KCS-Squared enlisted the Atlanta Sub Factor Productions to work with vocalist and lead actress, Mionne Destiny in her rendition of "I Am Changing".

Teens What's The Rush
KWRT Stage Play Live @ Greenforest Community Church
KCS-Squared Sound Reinforcement
"I Am Changing" Mionne Destiny Produced by Dr. Pollard 
Mionne Destiny Solo: I Am Changing

Secrets (The Stage Play)

KCS-Squared collaborated with writer/director Emily James on her hit play "Secrets". In addition to musicianship (bass guitar), Dr. Solomon Pollard produced/recorded the soundtracks for the play. Two of the 10 songs are provided here (Mighty Good Man and Happy Anniversary). Both were written by Job Titus Cannon.

Secrets-The Stage Play

TI's Kids

Demi and the cast and crew of the hit TV show, TI's Kids filmed a portion of their season opening "Recording Contract" episode at Mosa Recording Studios.

"The Recording Contract" Episode

JAMS Atheletics Gymnastics Team

Jams Athletics produces one of the finest gymnastics teams in Atlanta. While physically located in Stone Mountain, GA, the gym has produced award winning teams yearly across multiple age/size ranges within the Cheer Sport competitive system. Dr. Pollard produced music for the various teams.

Jams Atheletics

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