The Millennium Complex is a not-for-profit Corporation (501 (c)(3)) that seeks to
encourage Christian Saints of God via film/music, various visual media
and through education and biblical life studies.
The Millennium Complex's Film Productions are an offshoot of For I Am Global Ministries. The focus is on Music Videos and Feature Films. KCS-Squared is MC's Film production corporation. All film projects are either rated G or PG and are aligned with God's Messages of love and hope as defined in scripture. As fellow believers, we at MC are always interested in making enjoyable visual products to bring encouragement and hope to believers and their families.

Millennium Complex, Inc. Music Video Productions

KCS-Squared Film and Animation
KCS-Squared Film and Animation

Music Videos

Praising the Lord is a privilege. Music is a foundational praise tool for Praise and Worship at FIAgm. Therefore, music videos will continue to be produced to support music and worship projects. Prayer immersed in song, praise wrapped in rhythm, and worship drenched in lyrical rhyme are the tools of Christian survival. Music can truly enhance one's faith when we are down. Therefore, music videos can expand faith using tools that reflect how the human brain works (which is via pictures). Productions began with music (produced by Dr. Solomon Pollard) while video filming/scoring is accomplished under KCS-Squared Film and Animations.

Sunday Morning Coffee (Music Video Project in 2023)

Tissues No T (Music Video Project in 2023)

Angel Dance (Music Video Project in 2024)

"Hannah's Prayer" Music Video (2014)

In a 2014 music video production effort, Dr. Pollard produced "Hannah's Prayer” (song written by Artist Stephanie Bookman) and KCS-Squared produced the music video. The video was shot on numerous locations around Atlanta. Artist Stephanie Bookman displayed her talents as a singer/song writer and actor since this was also her first artist music video.

"Fruit of the Spirit" Music Video (2011)

During the filming of "Behind Their Secrets", Dr. Pollard produced the song "Fruit of the Spirit" (Lyrics by artist Pam Smith and music by Dr. Pollard) and shot the music video in the studio. Ms. Smith is from a family of artists and has been featured in several past video projects.

Music Video Shoot
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