The Millennium Complex is a not-for-profit Corporation (501 (c)(3)) that seeks to
encourage Christian Saints of God via film/music, various visual media
and through education and biblical life studies.
The Millennium Complex's Film Productions are an offshoot of For I Am Global Ministries. The focus is on Music Videos and Feature Films. KCS-Squared is MC's Film production subsidiary. All film projects are either rated G or PG and are aligned with God's Messages of love and hope as defined in scripture. As fellow believers, we at MC are always interested in making enjoyable visual products to bring encouragement and hope to believers and their families.

Millennium Complex, Inc. Film Productions

KCS-Squared Film and Animation
KCS2 Film and Animation

Feature Film Productions


Filming in 2023

Feature Film Projects are a labor of love and are a fun way of taking the viewer away from their personal reality. KCS-Squared film ventures combine humor, sci-fi, drama, and animation with biblical themes. We are not seeking scripts currently but are engaging fellow film makers and production companies for collaborative relationships.

KCS-Squared Film and Animation
KCS-Squared Film and Animation

Film Animation and Adjunct Film Productions

Star Battle

It remains important that KCS-Squared productions include animation as well as collaboration efforts with writers and producers in outside film projects. Animation productions remain fascinating and are extremely creative ventures since everything depends upon the imagination of the writers. CGI and After Effects are the primary tools that support film production in this genre of animated feature films. Star Battle is a short, 1-minute, film that combines Animation, Sound Effects, Orchestration, and Vocal Dialogue into a 5.1 surround sound product.

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