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The primary music production at the Millennium Complex features Artist Dr. Solomon Pollard's jazz music project entitled "Sunday Morning Coffee" which can be heard below. While his primary focus over the past 30 years has been to produce music that encourages the saints, he recently decided to produce a project featuring himself as the artist. This jazz CD showcases two jazz songs and two film soundtracks.
On a personal note, in the near future Dr. Pollard's productions will include both gospel and jazz renditions as well as film scoring.

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Gospel/Jazz Recording Artist
Dr. Solomon Pollard -Gospel/Jazz Recording Artist

Dr. Solomon Pollard (aka Dr. P.) is an innovative producer/artist. Although his experience in live concerts is evident in his production style, he prefers his studio training which led him to produce more than 40 CDs under FIA Productions and Atlanta Sub Factor Productions. Additionally, he has produced 6 TV shows and 1 radio broadcast. A gifted self-contained talent, his current project is centered in jazz-fusion and works with film scoring and TV/multimedia productions.

Production process: I have been in music since the age of 8 and played live for 23 years. While in school in Nashville, I played bass for 5 years in various recording studios and was blessed to record 3 of my original songs on an album with an extremely talented group of medical students (IgG Ultrasound-IgG Band: Kalita Records, UK). Following these beginnings, I focused on producing music across all genres for the past 33-years. My success in gospel music and various musical genres is due to my heart-felt and spiritual foundation that relates to the importance of identifying the message that every artist has and that that message should find its way into their music. The music is then built to wrap around and enhance the message. Additionally, my studio is state of the art with the tools and software needed to find something close to perfection (Thanks God). Overall, my personal music reflects the sum-total of my musical experiences with so many talented musicians and artists. My excellence is driven by my spiritual beliefs in that we are all uniquely made for a specific divine destiny. I think that I have found mine.     Dr. P.

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--- General Song Discriptions ---

Sunday Morning Coffee is the title track for the jazz project by the same name. It features Dr. Solomon Pollard (aka Dr. P.) as producer and artist. As a bass guitarist, Dr. P. uses a 6-string Alembic bass (his favorite bass instrument) in this smooth and soothing musical rendition. He uses his unique signature characteristic bass sound while he also displays his abilities on all other instruments to remind his fans that daily life should be inspired, as peaceful and smooth as a cup of joe on Sunday morning.

Tissues No T is a jazz song which features Dr. P. as producer and artist. As a bass guitarist, Dr. P.`s musical style is raunchy and aggressive with his unique signature characteristic sound. His thumping and plucking style add extreme energy to the track as it builds to a powerful climax. The track also displays his abilities on all other instruments, especially drums.

Brass Promise Ring is a jazz song intended for film, commercials, sports breaks and commentary segments, TV show introductions, and general visual media applications. The song features Dr. P. as producer and artist as he provides an engaging challenge to any expert brass section. The chops section is challenging but doable for trumpet and trombone players where only the crem-de-la-crem survives.

Sweetness is a jazz song intended for film, commercials, sports breaks and commentary segments, TV show introductions, and general visual media applications. The song features Dr. P. as producer and artist as he developed this 1970’s style big band groove featuring brass and woodwind horns. Overall, the smooth sax section rides on top of a dance groove built with African rhythms and instruments including the kalimba.

A sampling of this CD project can be heard using the player below

The IgG Band

Formed in March 1979 out of a young group of musically talented students at Meharry Medical College and Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tennessee, the IgG Band was first created ‘to play music to please ourselves and friends, and as an outlet to the ever pending and growing pressure of our medical/graduate education’. However, by 1980 the IgG Band had developed enough original material that they were ready to put their music to wax, and ‘Ultra/Sound’ was recorded at Hilltop Recording Studios in Nashville, with each band member contributing his part separately when his busy student schedule allowed.

This album, Ultra/Sound was Solomon's First Group Recording Venture

Each song on the album was written by various band members as follows: ‘IgG Theme’, ‘I Still Want You’ and ‘Daydreaming’ by Kendal Foster, ‘Another Love Gone’ and ‘When I Think of You’ by Solomon Pollard, ‘Funky Music’ by Murray Riggins and ‘Infusion’ by Kermit White. The record was released at the close of 1980, manufactured and distributed by the band themselves. The album was a local success, and the band sold out within a short space of time. This re-release of ‘Ultra/Sound’ (April 2022) by Kalita Records (London, UK), helps to keep the IgG Band’s musical legacy alive and showcases their musical quality to the world once again.

IgG Band Live IgG Band Live
IgG Band (1980)

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