The Millennium Complex is a not-for-profit Corporation (501 (c)(3)) that seeks to
encourage Christian Saints of God via film/music, various visual media
and through education and biblical life studies.
Mosa Studios are at the heart of all production endeavors at the Millennium Complex including Music Production, Hybrid-Internet TV Broadcasting, Actor Video Auditions, Video Editing, Fx, and Voice Overdubbing (Source Connect Equipped). Similarly, apprenticeships and training classes are occasionally provided in the studio for community support and youth enrichment. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). Developing a studio that is extensive from both software and hardware standpoints, was often steered by the assimilated team of core producers. Overall, music production tends to be central at the Millennium Complex and all its goals for the work of the kingdom.
The Studios are state of the art digital facilities with hardware and software to support production jobs of various types and sizes.

Millennium Complex, Inc. Mosa Studios

Mosa Recording Studios Logo

Full Film Editing and Production Capabilities

The video portion of this presentation was developed in 2020 and in this version, 5.1 surround sound including full Orchestration, Fx, and Dialogue have been added. The goal was to test the surround sound system that was being developed here at Mosa Studios over the past several months of 2023. Now Mosa has full film editing/production capabity including Voice Over (direct to remote facilities and in-house recording), Fx (either generated in-house or from my Fx library), and Full Orchestration production. It has been a ride... God is good.

Voice Over Projects

Mosa Studios is available for film voice over projects both as recording projects (ProTools) and/or simulcasted (Source Connect) projects. In either case, the actor is placed in either a sound booth or a video lab where he/she renders scripted vocals that clarify or correct the energy of a previously recorded film passage. Voice over work can also include commercials and cartoon/CGI precast projects. The photograph below is from a voice over project for the film entitled "Behind their Secrets".

The Control Room

To God be the glory! The studio took 25 years to reach this point as pictured in the photographs. It has seen music change over the years from tape-based (reel to reel, 1/2 inch, VHS [ADAT] and cassette: all multi track recorders) to hard-disk-based external recording devices (Roland/Akai 8- and 16-track recorders) to computer-based (PC and Mac) where producing is only limited by your computer's processing power and storage capacity. Preferring a PC-based system, Mosa has expanded its production capability from recording, processing, and mixing to hybrid-TV show broadcasting including AM-radio talk broadcasting and Internet talk TV show broadcasting, and finally to film editing. Lastly, Mosa Studios provides Surround Sound film mixing, film scoring, and audio sound effect editing using ProTools.

Therefore, all productions center around the control room and its processing capability. Control Room Pictures are provided below.

Mosa's Control Room

Mosa's Control Room

Mosa's Control Room

The Sound Room

The size of the sound room has been reduced to support a one-person-at-a-time approach. While larger party vocal recording can be captured in the film/photography space. However, only choirs require a space that is larger than the current sound room. Last of all, note that simultaneous ZOOM broadcasting is available during any vocal recording (singing or voice-over film work).

Mosa's Control Room

The Video/Photography Space

The Video and photography space is designed to capture typical acting head shots with green, black, or white backgrounds as well as some small-scale video work. Also, large choirs, multi-person background vocalists, and bands can be recorded in this space as desired.

Mosa's Control Room

Mosa Studio Progression (est. pre-1995)

Mosa Studios has advanced from a project studio in 1995 to the fully equipped Film and Audio recording facility that stands today. The studio has seen its share of talented people and productions have varied widely from music to radio broadcasts to internet TV broadcasts and finally to film and animation. This video shows the studio from its infancy up to recent years. Current day photographs are provided above. Overall, God has been good and He is the reason why we endure.

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