The Millennium Complex (MC) is a not-for-profit Corporation (501 (c)(3)) that seeks to
encourage Christian Saints of God via film/music, various visual media
and through education and biblical life studies.
MC is an extention of For I Am Global Ministries under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The Millennium Complex, Inc.

Mosa Recording Studio
Mosa Recording Studios

Mosa Recording studios was established in 1995 and continues to be the center of all production endeavors (sound, broadcast, and film). The studio was acquired via donation from Rev. Dr. Solomon Pollard and Katrina Pollard in 2020 and is a mixture of digital and analogue equipment thereby providing a robustly compatible environment for past, current, and future productions. This recording facility's projects range from video editing/overdubbing to hybrid TV recording/broadcasting, to audio recording.  

Mosa Recording &
Broadcast Studios
Gospel/Jazz Recording Artist
Gospel/Jazz RecordingArtists

Music production at FIA Gospel Productions over the past 25 years, has focused on providing music that encourages the saints. This goal began with FIA Productions in 1995. Currently the ministry seeks to produce one-music-project per year in either gospel or gospel-jazz while also participating in non-contracted artists projects as production schedules allow. Dr. Pollard's Gospel-Jazz project Sunday Morning Coffee can be accessed here.

Current Music Productions
Previous Artists/Associates
Gospel Hybrid TV Shows
Gospel Hybrid TV Shows

Past Hybrid-TV shows focused on talk shows that discussed topics of interest surrounding the human condition and were all produced within the FIA Broadcast Network. FIA Broadcast Network produced numerous Internet-based Christian TV shows over the past 20-years. FIA coined the description "Hybrid TV Shows" in that its productions were beyond POD-casts and more in line with actual TV shows (and consisted of an intro, dialogues, segments, guests, commercials, and an ending). Currently, Biblical Studies are the focus of Rev. Dr. Pollard and For I Am Global Ministries. Therefore, as we move through the complexities of the 21st century, we have applied all previous and current skills and technology to Biblical Studies and topics of Christian interest. Also, the current Bible study approach was developed using a combination of FIA's Learning Institute approach (which trained students in Studio Recording Methods, Cakewalk, and Digital Recording Equipment) and the Bible Study and pulpit ministries of Rev. Dr. Pollard.

Current Hybrid TV Ministries

Past Hybrid TV Shows
Film Productions
Film Productions

KCS-Squared Film and Animation is the Film Production arm of the Millennium Complex. Established in 2001, KCS-Squared has produced films, stage plays, and music videos over the past decades. The current goal of KCS-Squared is to produce one feature film per year. All film works are focused on Christian-content. The company seeks to collaborate with other Christian film companies and associated entities that are similarly thematically invested and focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ.   

Current Film Productions
Past Film Productions
Music Video Production
Music Video Productions

Music production is a central focus of the Millennium Complex; however, the music production team may also contract the development of music videos afterwards. Depending on the video's creation budget, filming can be developed in the Millennium Complex's photography/video production lab and green room, or it can be shot on location. Currently, the music video for Rev. Dr. Pollard's jazz composition, "Tissues No T", is in the planning/pre-production stages.

Music Video Productions
Film/Video/Music Post Production
Film/Video/Music Post Production

KCS-Squared Film and Animation uses After Effects to augment its film projects. It is typical to also include sound effects in Postproduction. Therefore, ProTools, Cakewalk, Bandlab, Premier, and Vegas Pro are used to complete film and video post-production projects (selected according to compatibility goals and using a host of plug-ins). Sound for film is vital such that voice over recording is also needed during postproduction. Overall, KCS-Squared uses its Mosa Studio complex to complete all aspects of post-production. 

Post Production


  • FIA Gospel Productions

    List of Current Music Projects

    Currently, the Millennium Complex has completed a jazz music project with recording artist, Rev. Dr. Solomon Pollard entitled "Sunday Morning Coffee". Although Dr. Pollard plays several instruments, he is featured as a bass guitarist in this production. The project has 2 jazz compositions (i.e., "Sunday Morning Coffee" and "Tissues No T") featuring his bass-stylings. It also contains 2 instrumentals (i.e., "Brass Promise Ring" and "Sweetness") that were designed for television applications. This ministry project is available via the following links Sunday Morning Coffee.Current Music Productions
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    Recording Studio Teaching Series

    Currently, the Millennium Complex is developing a series of learning videos for Producers and Beat Makers. The series will cover basic skills like "Nominal Level determination" up to higher level concepts like Mixing and Mastering. The videos will not follow a monthly scheduled release approach but will occur under a relaxed but frequent scheduling approach. On occasion, the training may be provided via Zoom call.

  • Community Outreach
    Community Outreach Ministry

    Currently, The Millennium Complex is developing its outreach program in concert with For I Am Global Ministries. Prayer and Outreach are church-led functions. However, The Millennium Complex aids as needed where community support productions, member/congregational biblical training productions, and/or preaching/teaching on location are the focus.

    Community Outreach
  • Hybrid TV Shows

    List of Current Hybrid-TV Shows

    Currently, the Millennium Complex is in development of the Hybrid TV show entitled For Those Who Want to Know. Production is expected to begin in February of 2024. This bible study presentation series will feature Rev. Dr. Solomon Pollard and various guest and co-hosts as they provide a detailed understanding by chapter and verse of various books from the Bible.

    Bible Study: Hybrid TV
  • MC Music Production Apprenticeships
    Music Production Apprenticeships

    The Millennium Complex on occasion will provide opportunities for Music Production apprenticeships. When available, notice will be provided on this web site, Facebook, and via email to associates.

    Music Apprenticeships
  • To be Added
    Artist Live Concert and Performance Support

    The Millennium Complex can provide Live Artist Concert support to musicians and recording artists. The concert venues are typical church environments and are gospel themed. The Millennium Complex has an elaborate array of live sound reinforcement equipment to cover small and medium-sized venues.

    Artist Live Support

  • Everyone Needs Peaceful Sleep
    Soothing Rain for Peaceful Sleep

    The sound of rain from a mild thunderstorm is a restful backdrop for deeper sleep. This 10-hour video provides the sound of a soft rain storm for your calm, peaceful sleep needs.

    Open Sleep Video
    in YouTube
  • List of Film Projects

    List of Current Film Projects

    Currently, the Millennium Complex is in the planning stages for its first feature film entitled "Sundance". Casting is anticipated to begin in March 2023 and shooting is anticipated during the second quarter of 2023.

    Film Productions

    A Go-Fund-Me Page has been established to collect proceeds for Sundance.


  • Millennium Complex Film Apprenticeships
    Film Production Team Apprenticeships

    The Millennium Complex on occasion will provide opportunities for Film Production apprenticeships. When available, notice will be provided on this web site, Facebook, and via email to associates.

    Film Apprenticeships
  • To be Added
    Venue Productions: Stage Plays, Speaker Conferences, and Live Presentations

    The Millennium Complex can provide sound and video stage support for live plays, speaker conferences, and live stage plays. Biblical topics are supported which seek to advance the cause of the kingdom of God. This live support is sufficient for small and medium venues.

    Live Venue Productions

  • WFIA Radio Station
    The Millennium Complex Automated Radio Station
    The Millennium Complex is supporting its past and present gospel and jazz productions via its automated Radio Station WFIA. All songs showcased were produced by Dr. Solomon Pollard. Dr. Pollard's ministry CD is available via the following links: Sunday Morning Coffee. 24-hr Radio Station